About Hamilton Springs

Hamilton Springs is the first community in Middle Tennessee to be planned, designed and constructed to create a traditional neighborhood village around a train station. It will highlight a new Music City Star commuter train station as a central feature, within walking-distance of the offices, retailers, and residences. Hamilton Springs is designed to give residents, business people, and visitors the option to walk, bike, or ride transit to their destination in addition to driving their automobiles.

Hamilton Springs layout design

A central part of the Hamilton Springs development is a luxury apartment community called Hamilton Station. Having completed phase one in the fall of 2013, Hamilton Station is a 396-unit community with a variety of floor plans and cutting edge amenities. Within walking distance to shopping and parks, Hamilton Station also offers an award-winning school district and the future Music City Star depot. In fact, when Hamilton Station celebrated its grand opening on October 24, 2013, members of the Tennessee Public Transportation Association hopped on the train and stopped at Hamilton Springs.

Hamilton Station apartment building

Village Center
Hamilton Springs is divided into several “subdistricts” and each one offers something different and unique. At the heart of Hamilton Springs is The Village Center; a dense area that offers a mix of uses and less than a quarter mile from the proposed Music City Star station. In this area, the focus will be on creating a safe environment for pedestrians and controlling vehicular access, while incorporating a variety of contemporary architectural details.

town square rendering

The Village is the area proposed to sit between the Village Center and Village Commercial areas. It will be located approximately 1/4 – 1/2 mile from the rail stop and will contain both residential and certain commercial components. This area focuses on connectivity and the use of open space.

Village Commercial
In addition to a variety of housing choices, Hamilton Springs includes a great deal of commercial options. The Village Commercial subdistrict will be seen from Highway 70 and Lebanon Road and will include both office space and traditional highway commercial opportunities. This area would be ideal for churches, schools, health clinics, recreational uses, civic buildings, banks, restaurants or retail.

The Bell Building

Walkable Suburban
Just outside the Village Center is the Walkable Suburban subdistrict. This area is primarily residential, but less dense than many of the other subdistricts. The Walkable Suburban area will incorporate a great deal of open space and will be located about 1/4 – 1/2 mile from the rail stop.

Finally, The Estates of Hamilton Springs offers traditional homes with large lots like you might see in a traditional subdivision. Homes in this area will be located on the outer edge of Hamilton Springs and offers boulevard-style streets, mature trees and sidewalks.

Hamilton Springs neighborhood home